Plant Science Projects 7th/8th

Test Schedule: Week of May 20

7th Bible test on lessons 90-100 Monday morning: Students may use the review sheet during the test. 

History Exam: Monday afternoon

Science Exam: Tuesday late morning

Bible Exam: Wednesday late morning

5-10 That was fun! 2019 STEM Boat Float

Winning Boat: Aiden, Alyce, and Makiah

2nd Place Boat: Allison, Gavin, Levi, Hannah


5-9 Health presentation; Sioux County Conservation visit

 Thanks, Mrs. Tamminga, for the informative presentation about the effects of vaping! 
 Thanks, Sunday Ford, for bringing us a swan to see close up!

March 16 Update

Dear Parents,

Report cards and Iowa Basics results will come home with your child Wednesday afternoon, the 20th.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to have a conference next week.

A majority of the students are doing as well academically, as God has given them talents. A few of them have grades that imply poorly done,  incomplete, or missing assignments, or not studying effectively (or at all) for tests or memory work. Mr. DeBoer and I often offer students ways to improve their grades by redoing an assignment or test, or doing extra related work. If  a student is not motivated to do those things, his or her grades will reflect this.

In Christian love,
Mrs. Baker

March 9 News

Hello parents,
We will be three-fourths of the way through the school year as of this Friday. It has been a joy working with your seventh or eighth-grader this year. I look forward to seeing the seventh-grade parents at conferences this upcoming Thursday and Friday. Don't forget that Thursday is an early out, and Friday is a half day of school.
Mrs. Baker

Exam Schedule

Wednesday: 7th/8th History Exam and 7th/8th Bible Exam
Thursday: 7th Math Exam; 7th/8th Science Exam